Early Life

Anthony was born in Hell’s Kitchen at French Hospital in New York City.  He worked in his father’s saloon, The Saddlebar, located on 42nd Street and 10th Avenue from age 12.  By age 15, he was the bartender on the weekends.  He continued to work at the Saddlebar while attending Temple University.

As he was finishing New York Law School, he was associated with The Custom Shop.  Shortly after graduation and sitting for the bar exam, war erupted in the Middle East on October 6, 1973.  He immediately volunteered and left for Israel.  At the end of October, war had ended and he returned home in late November in time to be sworn in to practice law in New Jersey.

Early in 1974, he joined Consultants and Designers, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Greyhound Corporation.   As fate would have it, he had got a new passport because by 1976 he was on his way to Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan.  His career and areas of interest grew and in 1979 was admitted to practice law in New York.

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